Level up your GitHub profile with this “secret” repository

I recently updated my GitHub profile to include a bit more info about myself, and it’s super simple!

Syl Aucoin
2 min readDec 14, 2020

Follow these steps to add your GitHub profile:

Step 1

Create a repository that has the same name as your GitHub username, and make sure that you create a README.md file, by checking the “add a README file” box in the options. (Hint: a cute lil cat will pop up to let you know that you’ve discovered the magnificent secrets of GitHub to confirm that you’re doing it right).

Step 2

Add some information about yourself. You can do this in your text editor, or directly in GitHub (there’s a helpful preview tab). The README file uses markdown language. Here’s a helpful resource: https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax/

Edit in GitHub directly, using markdown language

Step 3

Save your changes. That’s it! To make changes, simply hit the “edit” button or open your README in your text editor. If you make the changes in your text editor, they will be live after pushing them. Admire your newly updated GitHub profile!

I hope this was helpful to you, and would love to see the cool things you’ll do with your profile! Don’t be shy to connect with me on Twitter.

Bonus: Add images by opening up your repo in your text editor, creating an assets folder, adding images to it and pushing your changes to your repo. (You can also simply create a folder in your file explorer or command line and add photos to it locally, but you’ll still have to push your changes to GitHub). Your images will then be available to add in your README. This is super fun for skill icons! Check out my repo if ever you need hints doing so. ;)



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